Veils for FRP Thermoset Composites

Synthetic surface veils provide a barrier between the outermost layer of glass and the surface of the composite. As the composite surface is exposed to deteriorating conditions, such as weathering and the suns ultraviolet rays, the outermost layer of glass becomes exposed (fiber bloom). With the addition of a surface veil, the product will remain smooth, non-irritating and protected from external elements that cause wear and tear.

Infographic Showing microscopic picture of a nonwoven fabric fiber used as Surface Veil that is on FRP Thermoset Composite Rail
Xamax provides critical surfacing veils material that is applied to FRP Thermoset products. These materials are engineered to give end-use products, like the FRP Railing (pictured), a smooth feel and aesthetic look; while also providing protection such as UV and corrosion resistance. You can’t always see our material, but without it, you’ll notice a much more unpleasing end-use product. Our surfacing veils for FRP Thermosets enhance your final product.


Our Avelle® surface veils are 100% high melt polyester nonwoven materials. Avelle® surface veils have a combination of distinct features including superior chemical and corrosion resistance, excellent impact strength, and broad-range temperature use. They inhibit the generation of micro cracks in composite surfaces and the soft, pliable, fibers conform easily to ribbed areas, irregular shapes and compound curves. They are designed to be compatible with a variety of resins, such as vinyl ester, polyester and epoxy. Avelle® surface veils are approved for use in corrosion resistant and FDA/USDA applications. In addition to providing a corrosion barrier in pipe and tank construction, it is also used in hand lay-up, filament winding, RTM and panel lamination.

Our Avelle® surface veils include APL and APN (Apertured Pattern Polyester) and FBL (Non-Apertured Polyester) styles.

The APN style is offered at 1 oz/sy or 34 gsm to provide cost effective solutions. The APL style has been tested and approved by The Dow Chemical Company for corrosion resistant applications. Both APN and APL are apertured and stiffened for faster wet out, better visibility, easier handling and minimal neck-down. The FBL style is designed to provide a pattern free surface.

Nonwoven Fabric Sheet
Roll of Nonwoven fabric R-Veil


Our R-Veil® surface veil is a 100% nonwoven polyester material with superior strength, stiffness, uniformity and purity. R-Veil has comparable surface veil properties to Reemay and is USDA/FDA approved, pattern free. In addition, our R-Veil® surface veil exhibits high resistance to splitting and cracking from thermal shock, low temperatures, freeze/thaw cycles, folding/creasing and rough handling.  These distinctive characteristics make it ideal for use in numerous demanding applications where the inert properties of polyester are needed and in a variety of composite processes including pultrusion, mandrel winding, centrifugal casting, RTM and panel lamination.


EcoVeil® PBT surfacing veils is a 100% point bonded polyester veil. These synthetic surface veil products deliver high tensile strength, excellent uniformity and low neck down for trouble-free processing. When used in pultrusion, the point bond pattern is virtually invisible and provides a smooth resin rich surface with no linting or loose fibers. EcoVeil is compatible with all resin types used in the thermoset industry and provides the best economic veil solution. This makes them ideal for use in a variety  of composite processes including pultrusion, RTM and panel lamination.

EcoVeil is also excellent as a scrim and coating substrate. The high fiber density, even fiber distribution and “Z” directional tensile strength, from the point bond pattern, allow for excellent bonding to various substrates.

EcoVeil Nonwoven fabric Sheet of EcoVeil PBS
Ultimate Veil Nonwoven fabric Sheet

Ultimate Veil®

Our Ultimate Veil® product is made from 100% chemical free, polyester fibers. The chemical free fibers allow for more vibrant/truer colors, improved UV stability/color fade and enhanced surface cosmetics in comparison with other polyester surface veils. The extreme uniformity ensures excellent coverage and handling characteristics. The Ultimate Veil is the new veil of choice for all varieties of composite processes including pultrusion, mandrel winding, centrifugal casting, RTM and panel lamination.


EcoSeal™ is 100% point bonded synthetic fabric that is available in a soft pliable version as well as a stiffer version. Due to its fiber construction, the material exhibits high strength, yet its surface has a soft and smooth feel. EcoSeal™ is a low temperature heat sealing fabric that can bond to itself or other substrates. Its activation temperature for sealing or bonding is roughly 265°F. In addition, EcoSeal™ is inherently water repellent. EcoSeal™ can reduce cost and simplify manufacturing processes that require heat sealing applications.

EcoSeal™ can be used in a variety of markets such as textile, automotive, building construction, transportation and consumer.

EcoVeil Nonwoven fabric Sheet of EcoVeil PBS