Xamax Interleaving Solutions

When surface finish is critical, customers look to Xamax Industries interleave materials for the protection their products need. Whether your company works with metals, glass plastic or stamping, Xamax has a product to protect your products from scratching, abrasions and tarnishing. From metal interleave papers to packaging tissues to oil absorbent products our team is dedicated to bringing the most innovative interleave solutions to the market.

Here at Xamax we take pride in our wide array of products that we supply for interleaving. Our broad range of products allows us to fill anyone’s needs no matter how large, small or complicated the task.

Whether you need high quality Kraft papers for interleaving a metal coil roll or tissue for packaging or precious metal plated parts, we have the high quality low cost products for you. Our papers are acid free made with 100% virgin fibers, with high tensile strength and superior tear resistance. This high strength allows for the use of lighter weights giving longer rolls at cheaper prices for ultimate cost savings.

Ever have customers that require their metal to be oil free? Our cotton products are highly absorbent of oil which makes them perfect for finished parts packaging or running through a coil roll to absorb any oil that has been picked up in the fabrication process.

Have some sensitive parts or electronics that need protection? Our films come in various thicknesses and properties so we can find the perfect solution for any task at hand.

Looking for a more sophisticated packaging or interleave alternative? Then check out our array of nonwoven fabrics. These products are perfect for packaging or interleaving metals, manufactured parts or precious metals as they are very strong and cushioning to give ultimate protection in any application.

Click on the products below for additional information or contact us for more information regarding interleave products.

Xamax Interleaving Reference Sheet
Xamax Interleaving Solution Benefits

Xamax provides papers, films, nonwovens or cotton to separate components, ranging from electronics to metals to jewelry.

Xamax interleaving products provide the following benefits*


  • High quality * Cost effective
  • Durable * PH Neutral
  • Strong * Puncture resistant
  • Moisture resistant * Tarnish resistant
  • Thin, lightweight * Uniform
  • Heat-resistant * Absorbent
  • Clean * Bio-degradable

* Benefits vary by product

Xamax Tuff Kraft™ Interleaving Separator Paper

Tuff Kraft™ are high quality, cost effective, extra tough and clean virgin Kraft papers. Kraft Paper™ is an industry standard separator for metal rolling, stampings, plated and molded parts, while offering superior durability for industrial packaging.

Tuff Kraft™ Benefits:

  • High-quality, cost-effective
  • Neutral pH
  • Clean, virgin Kraft paper
  • Superior durability for industrial packaging
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Xamax Coppercote® EK Electrical Grade Kraft Interleave Paper

The EK products were developed for direct contact on copper. These are virgin Kraft papers that are pH neutral and low in sulfur/chloride content. EK grades have extremely smooth surface finish to prevent scratching/abrading the finished part.

EK grades are recommended for use on electronic connector, precious metals, tin, gold and silver-plated parts


  • Low sulfur/chloride content
  • Neutral pH
  • Ideal for Finished parts
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Coppercote® HC Interleaving Kraft Paper

The HC Grade Kraft Papers are high-machine creped papers, offering superior elongation and tensile strength. They provide outstanding puncture resistance, making it ideal for irregularly shaped parts.

HC Grade Kraft Papers Benefits:

  • Neutral pH
  • High tensile strength
  • Superior puncture resistances
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Coppercote® EK/HS Interleaving Kraft Paper

The EK/HS is our EK products that are coated on one-side with LDPE thermoplastic. These products are typically used as a moisture barrier for the protection of sensitive electronic, precious metal and plated parts.


  • Neutral pH
  • Moisture resistant
  • Perfect for sensitive parts
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Oil Absorbent Cotton Interleaving Rolls

Our 100% Cotton Fabric is available in various weights, depending on the application requirements. This material is biodegradable, low-lint, heat resistant, breathable, clean, absorbent and very soft. Ideal for interleave or packaging when customers require their metals or finished products to be oil free.


  • Biodegradable
  • Highly absorbent of oil
  • High-heat Resistance
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Anti-Tarnish Tissue White 20 lb

This white AT tissue is a tarnish-resistant paper product, typically used as an interleaving/slip sheet for protecting tarnishable precious metals.


  • Lightweight
  • High Strength
  • Perfect for tarnishable metals
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CF-130 White Tissue Paper


A 100% virgin pulp, high-bulk tissue. This economical tissue product is ideal for applications that require a separator for packaging, finished and plated products.


  • Most economical option
  • High-strength for tissue
  • Ultra-thin


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Interleaving Polypropylene Film

Interleaving PP Film is a strong, super clean polypropylene copolymer film. This is a cost effective, lightweight material ideal for use with sensitive precious metal and electronic parts. Excellent puncture resistance.


  • Lowest cost for film
  • High puncture resistance
  • Can be used with sensitive materials
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Melinex® Interleaving Films

The Melinex brand of polyester films are available in clear, white or semi-opaque in various thickness. These products are very strong, have outstanding lubricity and handling characteristics; making them useful for the interleaving of sensitive electronic, precious metal and plated parts. Excellent puncture resistance.


  • High puncture resistance
  • Easy on sensitive parts
  • High-strength
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