Personal Care

Xamax has created an innovative array of material layers for Personal Care, which has resulted in innovative new products especially in facial wipes and exfoliating cotton. Xamax’s inventiveness in personal care products is reflected in patent 8,789,231 for textured cotton wipes. The core of the material is 100% cotton or 100% hemp making these products natural, sustainable, 100% hypoallergenic, fully bio-degradable, eco-friendly and green.

Manufacturers appreciate that the Xamax material layer can be customized. combined with other substrates, is heat resistant, low lint, and can be delivered in a variety of sizes and forms. Our product is available in master rolls, cut to custom widths or high precision narrow widths. Our material layer can provide the core for private labeled products in a variety of forms: rounds, folded square, pads, or sponges.

Our manufacturing adherence to ISO 9001: 2008 ensures products and processes are statistically under control. Xamax continually expands our materials and data analysis capabilities to ensure success of our materials and our partners. Xamax Solutionists collaborate with partners, universities, and professional organizations to solve complex problems and keep us on the cutting edge.

Consumers like the fact that our personal care products are absorbent, strong, gentle, pure, soft and luxurious, providing a spa quality product for home use. Being a green product assures customers that they are looking out for the environment as their own skin care, health, and beauty.

Check out our various personal care products:

Xamax products offer a variety of features and nenefits:

  • Wide range of weights and fibers – from 10 gsm to 190 gsm.
  • Smooth, pattern free style or with various Mesh/Apertured Patterns
  • Moisture Barrier Surface for moisture control
  • Can be customized with a Textured Surface, Embossed Patterns or various softness levels
  • Can be customized with Colors, Printed Logo or Graphics
  • Can be Customized by Width and Precision, Sent in Master Rolls or Slit to High Precision Narrow Widths