Personal Care

Xamax has created an innovative array of products for Personal Care, many of which are 100% cotton or 100% hemp.  These products are natural and sustainable, fully bio-degradable, eco-friendly and   green.  They are 100% hypoallergenic, heat resistant, breathable, absorbent, low lint, strong, gentle, clean, pure and soft.


Xamax’s Personal Care products are available in a:

  • Wide range of weights and fibers – from 10 gsm to 190 gsm.
  • Smooth, pattern free style or with various Mesh/Apertured Patterns
  • Moisture Barrier Surface for moisture control
  • Can be customized with a Textured Surface, Embossed Patterns or various softness levels
  • Can be customized with Colors, Printed Logo or Graphics
  • Can be Customized by Width and Precision, Sent in Master Rolls or Slit to High Precision Narrow Widths