Custom Engineered Solutions

We have a highly trained and experienced technical staff focused on providing Custom Engineered Solutions and Product Application Support. We optimize product performance with value-added capabilities and components.

Our Process – Solving your Technical Problems

We work with our customers to provide improvements to existing products and create new products based on their individual needs. We focus on adding value to the customer’s product(s) and solve unique challenges.  The process starts with a conversation with one of our sales, engineering or quality professionals. We will discuss your current process, product and the challenges you are facing, whether it is quality, cost or requirements.  We then work together to develop customized solutions that allow you to provide an enhanced product, preferably a proprietary one with increased value.

Value-Added Services

Not only do we help provide improvements to your existing products, but there are many customization features to our products we can offer. Depending on the product you need for your application, we can offer

  •     Coating: heat seal, thermoplastic and B-stage epoxy
  •     Laminating
  •     Pigmenting
  •     Printing: logo and pattern printing