Xamax creates customized material layers of technical papers, films, nonwovens and laminates for industrial and consumer products.

Xamax’s nonwovens, laminates, films, technical papers and cotton are critical material layers providing adhesion, insulation, separation, strength, attractive surfaces and chemical resistance in industrial and consumer products. Our custom patented products help create durable and aesthetic end-use products. Whether you look at ladders, tractor trailer panels, transformers, interleaved electronic components, or wire and cables, you can find our goods being used inside or outside.


Our Mission

“Solving problems and enhancing products with customized material layers”
Xamax’s goal is to enhance customers’ products and services through inventive product development, efficient quality manufacturing and superior customer service

Develop customized components with Xamax Solutionists™

What problem are you working to solve?  Current supplies too expensive or inadequate?  Material not working optimally?  Designing a new product but are missing that key material layer?  Need another supplier?  Xamax Solutionists will work with you to provide an effective solution that adds value in a cost efficient manner.  By providing expertise on customized uses of our products, we can fulfill your application needs and create fairly priced, product enhancing solutions.

FRP Thermoplastic laminate being used to make railing for Ladders

Xamax Inside & Out™

Xamax’s products are critical material layers used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of industrial and consumer products. Some popular end uses:

Laminates  FRP truck, trailers, RVs: liner panels, trailer skirts; automotive: engine cover, modular housing, medical devices, sporting goods, mobile housing, boats, air filters and inter-modal cargo

Nonwovens FRP ladder rail, tool handles, electrical power cable, filtration, personal care & hygiene, medical, agriculture, upholstery, insulation, cleaning applications and building industry

Films Communication cable, FRP panel surfaces, plastic bags, photograph film, containment liner, roofing membrane, shrink wrap, packaging, labels, vapor barrier and static clings

Technical Papers  Transformer & motor magnet wire insulation, electrical power cable, dental points, metal interleave, precious part interleave and industrial packaging

Cotton Facial wipes, exfoliating wipes and oil absorbing metal interleave