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Inventive customized solutions for composites, PPE and wire and cable created by our experienced and trusted engineers

Reemay Replacement Materials!

We have multiple materials ready to replace Reemay.  Contact us today for pricing and to place your order.  Email sales@xamax.com or 203-888-7200

Woman Owned

Xamax industries is a woman owned, global supplier of engineered materials such as nonwoven fabrics, laminates, films, technical papers and cotton products for commercial and consumer markets. 

What Are Your Product Problems?

We have solutions

Whether your problem is with adhesion, insulation, separation, strength, surface aesthetics, UV protection, chemical resistence or any other composite application, Xamax will find a solution.

Xamax Solves™!

Our best in class engineers diligently are dedicated to finding custom solutions for you

We work with you to source, invent and convert customized material layers using nonwovens, thermoplastic films, laminates, technical paper and high efficiency cotton to make your products stronger, more UV, heat or water resistant or attractive.

Do you need to …

  • Design a new product to meet your needs
  • Recommend materials for optimal performance
  • Create new or missing material layers
  • Save money

Xamax Solutionists

Do you have a material layer or composite problem?

Xamax Solutionists work to provide inventive and customized solutions for a variety of applications from composites to electrical separators. You work with Xamax Solutionists who identify an effective solution that adds value in a cost-efficient manner to your products. Solutions are found for thermoplastics, thermosets, composites and electrical insulation. You get expertise or customized uses of our products to fulfill your application needs and create fairly priced, product enhancing solutions to your problems.


Focus on Composites


Custom composite solutions for a variety of applications

Our solutions are inventive and customized to solve your toughest challenges, no matter what the application. We find the appropriate supplier, modify existing products, design new products, customize new material layers and make your job easier!

  • Surfacing products for themoset and thermoplastic composites
  • PPE: Notably face mask material and face masks
  • Mechanical separators and insulation materials for wire & cable, magnet wire and interleaving
  • Sealing films and laminates for the window weather stripping market
  • Raw materials and private label finished products for the personal care market

Other Applications

  • Electrical insulation and separation
  • Window weatherstripping
  • Interleaving
  • Personal care products using 100% cotton

Need a solution?

Contact our solutions engineers today. Sales@xamax.com