Xamax Industries

We create custom engineered solutions with technical papers, film, fibers, non-wovens and laminates.

Xamax Products:

  • Laminates in FRP thermoset used in ladders providing an attractive, protective, UV veiling surface
  • Films in FRP thermoplastics used in recreational vehicles for enhanced surface performance
  • Nonwovens in FRP thermoplastic used in tractor trailers for attractive, protective UV resistant surfaces
  • Non-woven cotton  used in cosmetic wipes for Eco-friendly absorbent, soft padding
  • Technical papers used in interleaving to protect coated and plated metals and electrical from damage

Xamax Inside™

Xamax Industries provides nonwovens, technical papers, laminates and films used in a variety of industrial and consumer products.  You won’t notice Xamax products in your pharmacy, hardware store or transformer. Yet Xamax products are in each and in your home (FRP for ladders, cotton nonwovens for beauty wipes), powering your office (non-woven insulation for electrical transformers and extension cords), enabling your device (technical papers for interleaving electronic components) and  transporting your goods (FRP thermoset for tractor trailers)

Xamax Solutionists™ are ready to work with your team to develop customized components to enhance your current products and develop new ones.


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