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Xamax industries is a global supplier of engineered materials such as nonwoven fabrics, laminates, films, technical papers and cotton products for commercial and consumer markets.  We supply both inventive and customized solutions for:

Surfacing products for thermoset and thermoplastics composites | Mechanical separators and insulation’s materials for wire & cable, magnet wire, and interleaving. | Sealing films & laminates for the window weather stripping market.|Raw materials and private label finished products for commercial and personal care markets.

April 30, 2020
Xamax Contingency Plans for Coronavirus Pandemic

An update on Xamax response to CORVID-19
As you know, Xamax has remained open as an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic. All of our worlds, both professionally and personally, have changed daily and sometimes hourly.
Throughout this time, Xamax has been closely monitoring the local, state, national, and international response to CORVID-19. We continue to take the health of our employees, customers, and vendors seriously and protecting the well-being of everyone who uses our products remains our priority.
Business continuity remains a focus; we have maintained production and provided materials and services to you, our customers, allowing you to keep your essential businesses open. We recognize that it is a joint enterprise and Xamax is key in your supply chain. Thank you for your continued support.
We have implementing new procedures in order to operate and supply you by:
  • Following local, state, and national government mandates which allow us to remain open and keep our people protected.
  • Following CDC recommended protocols for the prevention of contracting and spreading COVID-19 and providing resources necessary to follow these recommendations. We have been aggressive on safe distancing, allowed remote working as appropriate, curtailed travel, restricted access to our facility, limited movement between the plant floor in the offices, stopped meeting in person, been proactive on disinfecting and monitored the health of our employees.
We understand the COVID-19 has created anxiety and that this will continue as more places start to open. We will continue to deal with the situation rationally and methodically and are committed to actions in our control to minimize its impact, especially our ability to supply you.
If you have any questions, please contact your Xamax representative or reach out directly to me. We have come along way in getting through this crisis and together we will move forward to the new normal.
M Pederson
President & CEO

Xamax’s extensive expertise in advanced materials provide properties such as adhesion, insulation, separation, strength, surface aesthetics, UV protection, and chemical resistance to meet your application needs.

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Material not working optimally?
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