Thermoplastic FRP Applications

Xamax has much to offer in terms of laminates used in Thermoplastic FRP processes.  Below are a few examples of parts that would use these standard products offered by Xamax.  Please contact us if you have a special application or would like to learn more about our capabilities.


What We Offer:

  • Surfacing laminates for polypropylene, nylon, and other resin systems
    • Refrigerated transport surface laminate
    • Trailer liners with excellent scuff resistance
  • Adhesive films to bond between olefin and other chemistries
  • PET veils for providing smoother finish to thermoplastic lamination

Benefits and Features:

  • Creates a smooth and finished surface over thermoplastic fiberglass layup
  • Provides better resistance to UV light
  • Helps to hide fiber print through
  • Adds scuff resistance
  • Leaves surface easily cleanable, smooth, and generally bacteria resistant


Electrical cables that show the wiring inside where Xamax's kraft paper goes

Refrigerated Trailers
Integral refrigerated wall laminate for smooth, cleanable surface that generally resist bacteria.  Aerodynamic trailer skirt laminate with excellent scuff protection.

3 Transformers that contain turn insulation

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Surface Laminate
A smooth layer to provide a finished surface or be painted.

FRP Composite Panels

RV Panels
Smooth and finished surfaces that can be painted, have decals added, or non-stick treatment.