Electrical Wire & Cable

Xamax tapes, paper, tissues, fabric and film based products are used as separators, binders and filler materials within various electrical wire and cable applications.

wire and cable insulation material

Cable Insulation Materials

When used as a separator, it is often placed between a conductor and its dielectric, between a cable jacket and the components it covers or between various components of multiple conductor cable.

We provide materials for a wide range of conductors, including those of different sizes, and with the ability to handle different temperatures and voltages. Our material also works for cables that are jacketed with plastics, rubbers or fluoropolymers.

Benefits include: Improved stripping qualities and/or flexibility, additional mechanical or electrical component protection, reduction of scrap and jacket material costs.

Sizes: Xamax insulation material is available in a variety of widths from 5mm+, in pancake roll or in traverse wound packages, applied longitudinally and/or spirally

wire and cable seperator

Cable Separator Materials

Wire & Cable Component Uses and Material

Common Uses: Hook-Up Wire / Lead Wires, Automotive Wire & Battery Cable, High Temperature Wire, Marine Wire, Boat & Shipboard Cable, Power Cables & Portable Cord, Industrial Cable, and Data Communications Cables.  Products are high temperature insulating paper, slit to width PET film, magnet wire insulation wrap, and thermally upgraded paper.

Power Cord

High Tension/Ignition Cable

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