Thermoset FRP Applications

Xamax has much to offer in terms of veils used in Thermoset FRP processes like pultrusion, filament winding, hand layup, and more.  Below are a few examples of parts that would use these standard products offered by Xamax.  Please contact us if you have a special application or would like to learn more about our capabilities.

What We Offer:

  • Veils of many types and weights slit to width
  • Application Support, Test Data, Specification Comparison
  • Full Audit Trail / Quality Focus /  Material Traceability
  • The ability to create a bespoken product tailored to your exact application and process

Benefits and Features:

  • Creates a resin rich surface on the composite part
  • Provides better resistance to UV light and fiber bloom
  • Helps to hide fiber print through


Electrical cables that show the wiring inside where Xamax's kraft paper goes

Pultruded Profiles
Non-woven veils for better surface quality

3 Transformers that contain turn insulation

Filament Winding Veils
A corrosion resistant layer used in pipe and tank manufacture

Generator that would have insulation for rotors and field coils

Hand Layup
Veils for creating a more uniform surface to hide fiber print