FRP Composite Surface Veil

FRP, or Fiber Reinforced Plastic, is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. Based on the resin type used, FRPs are divided into two major groups known as thermoset and thermoplastic.
At Xamax, we have invented many composite surface veil enhancement technologies for use in pultrusion and other technologies. We continue to thrive by offering a variety of unique surfacing veil products to suit specific applications.

Surface Enhancements for Thermoplastic Composite

Xamax Surface Enhancement products for Thermoplastic Composites add an array of benefits to your product. Xamax has created 3 (patented) surface enhancing laminates that are an improvement over traditional products, which guarantee you’ll be creating your best products.

Surface laminates are a component for various continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) materials systems and thermoplastic sandwich panels. They bond to the surface of any CFRTP or panel substrate and provide a smooth protective layer. Our surface enhancements are engineered to withstand rigorous processing temperatures and can be manufactured with a variety of additives such as UV inhibitors, flame retardants and microbials. Some of our surface enhancement laminates can quickly and cost effectively add visual appeal and bulk to thermoplastic composites.

Benefits and Features:

  • High strength and low weight
  • Dimensional stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Rapid installation and repair in applications
  • Reduce fiber prominence
  • Hide print through
  • Abrasion & corrosion resistance

Typical Applications

  • Truck: truck body, door and floor, side walls and  liner panels, trailer skirts; refrigerated truck body tops and sides
  • Boats: hulls, bulkheads, decks, internal furniture
  • Mobile housing: wall panels, floor panels, kitchen partition, bathroom wall, partition
  • Air filters: air purifier, filter on the lampblack purifier, central air conditioning
  • Exterior walls: wall surface
  • Portable toilet: wall panels, floor panels, roof
  • Trailers and RV, side walls, roof, door, floor, partition
  • Inter modal: inter modal cargo containers, refrigerated containers
  • Modular housing, kitchen counter,
  • Luggage: skin or frame


Surfacing Veils for Thermoset

Xamax Composite Surface Veil consists of a large class of synthetic fabrics designed to absorb liquid resins. These resins can be epoxy, bismaleimide, or styrene based like polyester or vinyl ester varieties. The composite reinforcement fibers are typically glass, but can also be carbon or aramid.

The use of a surface veil on a laminate composite surface offers protection from chemical corrosion and abrasion. Veils are high melt polyesters that have an excellent appearance and surface smoothness, making your product look aesthetic. Our surfacing veils can be customized to your needs based on weight, aesthetics, chemical free fibers and surface treatment additives (like optical brighteners, TiO2, UV additives and microbial treatments). Depending on your application, they can also be printed with different colors to enhance surface effects


Benefits and Features:

  • Enhanced weathering protection
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Abrasion & corrosion resistance
  • Proves a resin rich top surface layer to thermoset composite parts

Typical Applications:

  • Aerospace: wings, fuselages, bulkheads
  • Appliance:  frames, equipment panels, handles, trims, power tools, business equipment, washers, dryer, refrigerators, freezers, ranges, ovens, dishwashers, motor housings, side trims, vent trims
  • Automotive/Transportation/Farm/Construction: vehicle parts, panels, frames, interior and external components, window frames, moldings, swimming pools, shower stalls, roofing, wall panels, intermodal cargo containers
  • Corrosive: chemical process plants, pulp and paper conversion, oil and gas refineries, grating, tanks, ducts, hood, pumps, cabinets
  • Electrical: electrical power cables, microwave antennas, pole line hardware, motor control, switch gears, standoff insulators, control system components, circuit breakers, lighting components
  • Marine: boat hulls, bulkheads, ships
  • Industrial: ladder rails, pipes, tanks
FloVeil PNR Surfacing Veils
FLoVeil Copolymer film designed for PP based thermoplastic composites. Designed to fill the irregularities/interstices of the substrate while protecting and enhancing the surface.
FloLam Surfacing veils
FLoLam Full line of engineered thermoplastic surfacing laminates, created to protect and enhance the surface of composites. FloLam is designed to keep a robust film layer on the surface and not absorb into the composite. FloLam PR offers a release film to protect surface from dirt and debris during processing and provides an enhanced surface finish. FLoLam PR+ has a release film, but is designed to deliver a flawless Class-A surface.
Avelle Surfacing Veils
Avelle Dow chemical and FDA approved synthetic surface veils are avilable in 3 styles for corrosion resistance, food processing and applications requiring added surface protection (hand lay-up, pipes and tanks, pultrusion, mandrel winding, etc).
R-Veil The industry standard, pattern free, synthetic surface veil that’s FDA/USDA approved. R-Veil delivers a smooth, resin rich surface. Commonly used in tool handles, ladder rails, window lineals, sports equipment and industrial applications.
FloCore Surfacing Veils
FloCore Copolymer film designed for PP based thermoplastic composites. It is a heavy/thick film designed to fill and add bulk to the substrate/composite.
EcoVeil Avelle Surfacing Veils
EcoVeil Synthetic Surface Veil product with high tensile strength, excellent uniformity and low neck down for trouble-free processing. The virtually invisible pattern provides a smooth, resin rich protective surface. EcoVeil also works excellent as scrim and coating/bonding substrate.
Ultimate Veil Surfacing Veils
Ultimate Veil A chemical free, synthetic surface veil that allows for more vibrant/true colors, improved UV stability/color fade and enhanced end product appearance/cosmetics.